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As fresh as it gets!

Here at Down south we sourcethe highest quality produce & specialise in Wings, Mac n' Cheese, Burgers, Seafood & Desserts. Our food is prepared fresh to order every time!

What people are saying

As an American, was one of the best American food places I’ve been to in London. The chicken was the crispiest and the Mac and cheese was incredible! Would definitely recommend to any Americans or anyone who loves American food. 10/10 - Julia


Best takeaway I've had in a long time! Plantain wrap was incredible, loved the Pineapple jerk relish! Sweet potato fries were some of the best too, and those prawns 😍 Can't compliment this place enough! So sad I have to wait til Thursday to get it all over again - counting down the days.. - Dee


Tenders and the plantain/chicken burger are the best things on the menu. Must get the pineapple jerk dip with whatever you order!! - Saahid



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